Whether you're an individual, some neighbours getting together, or an organisation, if you're thinking of giving a garage sale and you could use some help, why not contact Myra-Ann to organise a time for a consultation. 

Myra-Ann can use her 30 years of experience in giving and attending garage sales to give you advice on what actually sells well at garage sales or what might sell better through some other means.

She can talk to you about how to go about your planning in general, or even help you with your own personalised plan – from collecting your sale items to how to display them so that they are interesting and more likely to sell, how to advertise your sale, when to give it, the do’s and don’ts of taking payment, options for layouts, how to engage your buyers to sell more, and so on.

If you’re local, Myra-Ann will even come along and look at your individual items and talk to you about pricing – since garage sale pricing is so different from pricing elsewhere.

As her satisfied clients will tell you, there’s nothing about giving a successful garage sale that Myra-Ann can’t help you with.

You might also check out Garage Sale Magic, her quick and easy-to-read book on giving great garages sales, and have a look at the Garage Sale Planner, the Helpers Checklist, Layout Tips that Attract Buyers, and the Do's and Don't's of a Buyer Friendly Environment. They're all great resources when you're putting together your plan.